NARUC 126th Annual Metting

Frequently Asked Questions...

Frequently and recently asked questions and answers about NARUC's Annual Meeting.


1. Can you recommend other hotels close by that are less expensive?
We recommend hotels or methods to find hotels in the area of the headquarters hotel only after that hotel is sold out.


1. What is the meeting attire?

2. What is the attire for the reception?
Attire for social events varies based on location. Typically the attire is business.


1. Are NARUC meetings open to the public?
Yes. NARUC meetings are open to the public! Registration fees apply to all attendees.

2. I have a guest coming - is there a charge?
Yes. Guests must be badged and have a ticket to enter NARUC sponsored social events. Guests may only attend the social events. If a guest wishes to attend the committee meetings or sessions, they must register and pay the registration fee.

3. Can I bring a guest to the reception? Are there fees?
Guests are invited to attend the Sunday reception. There is no fee for the first guest but $40 for each additional guest. All guests must be registered and have a valid name badge to enter the reception. At registration, an entry ticket will be issued to all those that have registered for the reception.

4. Can my guest attend the meetings?
No. Guests are invited to attend only the Sunday reception. If a guest wants to participate at a meeting attendee, they must pay the meeting registration fee.

5. How can I contact NARUC registration desk?
This number is listed on the NARUC information page in the final program which is posted to the meeting website.

6. Can I tape or record any of the sessions during the NARUC meeting?
Unless you receive prior approval from NARUC, only credentialed members of the press are allowed to tape or video NARUC sessions. This policy gives comfort to our speakers and protects NARUC from potential legal action. If you wish to tape or record any portion of the NARUC meeting, please contact Regina Davis for permission.(

7. Can Press/Media attend the social events?
Yes. Although the registration fee is waived for press, an event fee for some of the social events may apply. Contact Regina Davis ( at the NARUC office for specifics.

8. Do you have a lost and found?
Items found in the meetings are sometimes returned to the NARUC registration desk. These items are held until the end of the meeting and then they are given to the hotel's Lost and Found.

9. When can I cancel my hotel reservation without penalty?
Attendees must follow the Hotel Cancellation Policy for each hotel. This information is sent with the hotel confirmation number. Attendees are fully responsible for reserving, changing or canceling their reservations.

10. Do you have internet access in the workroom/elsewhere?
Availability of internet varies for each meeting. Generally there is no internet access in the meeting space. However, in many cases the hotel provides WiFi to guests and complimentary in the lobby.

11. Why is it important to have a badge?
For security reasons and to indicate you are a registrant, badges must be worn in all meetings and in the general meeting area.

12. Where can I find the proposed resolutions? 
A link to the proposed resolutions can be found on the home page of this website. You can also find them on the NARUC website.

13. My organization is interested in hosting an event during the NARUC meeting. Can we do this?
Yes. Contact Michelle Malloy at for information and guidelines.


1. Can I get a copy of my invoice?
Yes. Copies of invoices may be obtained by contacting Judi Ford ( at 202-898-2203.

2. Can I make a substitution for my registration?
Yes. Substitutions may be made via email prior to the pre-registration deadline or onsite at the meeting. Contact Lennie Noblezada at to make the substitution prior to the pre-registration deadline. Any substitutions after the pre-registration deadline must be handled onsite at the NARUC registration desk. Bring a business card to expedite the process.

3. Can I register for just one day?
Yes. The Fees are located under registration tab.For more information contact Lennie Noblezada ( at 202-898-2202.

4. How can I check if my registration information has been received?
If you register online, you will receive an email confirmation once the registrations process is complete. Make sure to check your spam filter if you have not received it in a timely manner. A list of attendees is available HERE. If you are not on the list then you are not registered.

5. How do I get a refund?
Requests for a refund must be in writing via fax to 202-898-2213 or email to Judi Ford (  No verbal requests for refunds will be accepted. View cancellation policy here.

6. I am registered but my name does not appear on the web, why not?
You are not registered. When registering online your name is automatically posted to the list of registrants once the registration process is completed. Contact Lennie Noblezada ( if you have questions.

7. I have registered but did not get a confirmation, can you send me one?
Yes. Contact Lennie Noblezada (

8. I need a copy of my registration receipt.
Receipts are emailed once the registration process is complete. Make sure to check your spam filter if you have not received it in a timely manner. To obtain copies of payment receipt, contact Lennie Noblezada ( or Judi Ford (

9. I registered on-line, but I can't make a hotel reservation?
You must register for the NARUC annual meeting before you are directed to the hotel link to make a reservation. The housing link is also located on the bottom of your NARUC registration confirmation letter. Send a request in writing for housing concerns to Wendy Harris (

10. I registered on-line, but need to update my registration form...ex: Guest, Title, Ticket selection?
You must send a request in writing to update your registration information to Lennie Noblezada (

11. It is past the registration deadline, can I still register and how would I do that?
Yes. After the pre-registration deadline, you may register onsite at the meeting location. Please be sure to bring your payment, a business card, and photo ID to expedite the process.

12. What time does registration close on-site?
The hours of registration vary and are listed on our web page under the general information tab.


1. Do I need to register if I am a Speaker?
Yes. All participants must have a namebadge to be in the NARUC meetings. Speakers have a special registration form that must be completed. Rates vary upon participation. Contact Michelle Malloy at for information about speaker participation.

2. Do Press and Media need to register?
Yes. Registration is complimentary but you must register and receive a valid NARUC namebadge. Tickets for social events can be purchased. Contact Regina Davis ( at the NARUC office for specifics.

3. Where do I send my powerpoint presentation?
Presentations should be sent to the Committee Chair or Staff Organizer of the session. If you have questions contact Michelle Malloy (


1. Transportation to and from airport: How much does a typical cab cost to Hotel?  Are there shuttle buses?  Other ways to get around? Which is the closest airport?
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2. What Airport should I fly into?
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